Acupuncture  & herbs clinic


New Hope Acupuncture and Herbal treatments helped many patients over the years.  Please see some of the testimonials as follows:

JANE R., Los Angeles, CA

New Hope Acupuncture helped me with my back pains through acupuncture. The doctors are really nice and caring. They listen to your problems and really take care of you. New Hope is a great clinic.

SUNG Y., Valencia, CA

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for long time but it was difficult due to my irregular menstrual cycle.  My friend told me that New Hope Acupuncture can help with my fertility and I decided to receive the Acupuncture treatment.  I am happy to say that after two month of treatments my cycle got regular and I got pregnant.  I gave birth to a beautiful girl.  I highly recommend Acupuncture fertility reatment with New Hope…they help us to become a family.

DONNETT N., Granada Hills, CA

Wonderful clinic! They have really helped to improve the numbness in my hands and feet. They use a whole body approach that can include acupuncture, massage, and herbal remedies. I am very happy with my treatment at New Hope. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a better solution to issues without surgery or another pill!!"

CANDY D, Northridge, CA

Help me get rid of migraines. I don't even remember the last time I took pills.

Matha E., Sylmar, CA

I gave birth to my baby about four months ago and about a month afterwards I had very bad joint pain and some days I couldn't even walk. I went to the doctor and she said that I had osteo-arthritis and that I should be on pain medication (there were not tests; she just physically checked my joints). I was unhappy with her treatment and when I saw a Groupon for New Hope Acupuncture I decided to try it out (three sessions groupon). After the first session I felt some relief. I've been going for about three weeks, two times a week. The acupuncturist also gave me herbs, which taste pretty bad, but are great for my pain. I feel about 80-90% better already. I also have back pain and other issues. He's been very good at trying to address everything. The only concern I see is that it does get pricey with the herbs and many sessions (which he is conscientious about and if you purchase 10 sessions at once it's much less expensive), but not everyone may need so much care. However, compared to other places, these prices are very reasonable. I definitely recommend this place.